Principle And Test Conditions Of Fabric Air Permeability Tester

The fabric air permeability tester is used to measure the air permeability of a variety of textile fabrics, including industrial fabrics, coated fabrics, industrial filter paper, filters, filter materials, non-woven fabrics and other textile products and other breathable materials. Breathability is the ability of air to pass through a fabric. It is expressed as the rate of air flow vertically passing through the sample under the specified test area, pressure drop and time conditions.

Principle of breathability test:
The air permeability can be calculated by measuring the air flow rate vertically passing through a given area of the sample within a certain period of time under specified pressure difference conditions. The air flow rate can be directly measured or converted by measuring the pressure difference on both sides of the flow aperture.

Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Performance characteristics of fabric breathability tester:
1. Automatic replacement of orifice plates, automatic parameter correction, and one-click completion of testing without manual intervention by clicking on the screen;
2. Full range automatic detection and conversion of air permeability and air permeability of various samples;
3. 32-bit high-speed embedded processor with a sampling frequency of up to 2500f/s;
4. It only takes 1 second to clamp the sample, and the testing efficiency is more than 3 times that of other styles;
5. The test body has a fully sealed air duct design, and there is no error affected by the external environment;
6. It adopts imported fans, controlled by variable frequency motors, and has high efficiency;
7. Equipped with RS232C instrument data port, compatible with PC connection;
8. Program support languages: Chinese and English (optional);
9. A micro printer or A4 dot matrix printer can be independently configured to directly output reports (optional);
10. It has a continuous test mode, and the computer or instrument screen can be controlled in two directions, suitable for different customer needs.

Fabric breathability test conditions:
The recommended value for test conditions is: test area 20cm2
Test pressure drop: 100Pa for clothing fabrics, 200Pa for industrial fabrics
If the above pressure drop cannot be reached or is not applicable, 50Pa or 500Pa can be selected after consultation with all parties concerned, or a test area of 5cm2, 50cm2 or 100cm2 can be selected.


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