NDT Instrument

  • 6KV EMC Test Surge Generator For Surge Immunity Test

    Surge pulses occure due to direct or indirect lightning strikes or by power system switching transients caused by switching inductice loads or short circuits. This leads to currents or electromagneti fileds causing high voltage or current transients. The energy is particularly large. And the impact on products may be destructive. A lightning surge generator is used to evaluate the performance of device subjected to high energy disturbances from the power line port and other signal line ports. Our surge generators simulate these disturbances for all the necessary voltage levels in accordance with IEC/ EN 61000-4-5.

  • Asphalt Bitumen Non-nuclear Electronic Density Gauge (EDG)

    The EDG-2A non-nuclear asphalt density tester can quickly detect areas where road surface segregation, low density, and unevenness occur. The use of electromagnetic induction technology instead of nuclear source radiation method, low cost, high security, users do not have to worry about cumbersome environmental assessment applications, time-consuming training, and strict transportation control. The calibration is simple, the precision is high, the repeatability is good, the touch screen operation, the user can complete the relevant operation training in a short time, and master the technology of on-site quality inspection.

  • ASTM D4061 Traffic Road Retro Reflectometer

    Digital Traffic Road Retro Reflectometer for Marking Line and Vertical Sign is a professional measuring instrument used to measure the reflectivity of road markings. The measured parameters are the retroreflective coefficient R’or the specific brightness of the marking line in mcd. lx-1. m-2. The instrument is simple to operate and reliable in measurement. It can be used not only in laboratory environment, but also in field measurement. It is an optimum instrument for measuring the reverse reflection performance of pavement markings, such as production, quality supervision, engineering construction and supervision units.

  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector Co2 Monitor Analysis Alarming Device

  • Coating Adhesion Bonding Strength Tester

    Coating Adhesion Bonding Strength Tester is a new type of instrument, which is mainly used in the detection of coating adhesion in the construction of high-speed rail projects. It is a necessary testing instrument for quality inspection and construction units.

  • Concrete Crack Depth Gauge

    Concrete Crack Depth Gauge Crack Depth Measuring Meter Instrument  is mainly widely used for crack depth measurement of bridges, tunnels, buildings and so on

    • Two detection methods: standard and simple depth measurement.
    • Standard ultrasonic transducer bracket, precise and adjustable; free from scene marking-out, which can greatly improve the detection efficiency.
    • Touch screen makes the operation simple and quick.
    • Whole process of testing is prompted by voice and text;
    • Friendly human-computer interactive interface
    • Various built-in various helpful files and demo videos facilitate the users to conduct skilled instrument operation.
    • 4GB large-capacity SD card can store more than 100,000 data;
    • Powered by lithium batteries;
  • Concrete Electric Non nuclear Moisture Density Meter Gauge EDG

    Concrete Nucleus Density Tester is used to quickly detect the density of roller compacted concrete on site. Using electromagnetic induction technology, low cost and high safety, users do not have to worry about cumbersome EIA applications, time-consuming training, and strict transportation controls. Simple calibration, high precision, good repeatability, touch screen operation, users can complete relevant operation training in a short time and master the technology of on-site quality inspection.

  • Concrete Rebar Scanner

    Portable Integrated Concrete Rebar Scanner Concrete Locator Concrete Rebar Detector For Concrete Cover Meter are mainly used for detecting the internal reinforcement position, the protective layer thickness, reinforcement spacing and diameter of rebar.

  • Concrete Resistivity Tester

    Concrete resistivity tester is also called potential detector. The corrosion of steel bar/ reinforcement in concrete is an electrochemical process, it creates an electric current to make metal dissociation. The lower the resistivity, the easier corrosion current flowing through the concrete, and the greater the likelihood of corrosion. So measuring the resistivity of concrete can effectively evaluate its ability to resist corrosion and evaluate existing steel corrosion degree.

  • Concrete Steel Bar Rebar Location and Corrosion Detector

    Concrete Steel Bar Rebar Location and Corrosion Detector Integrate the functions of rebar position test , concrete thickness test, rebar diameter test and rebar corrosion degree test into one product.

  • Digital Concrete Slab Thickness Gauge

    Digital Concrete Slab Thickness Gauge is a portable instrument suitable for non-destructive testing of concrete or other non-ferromagnetic medium thickness measurement;When in use, the transmitting probe and the receiving probe are placed on two opposite test surfaces of the floor respectively to transmit and receive electromagnetic signals. The instrument measures the thickness of the floor according to the received signal strength.

  • Electrical Fast Transient EFT Generator Meet IEC61000-4-4

    Switching the transient process (to cut off inductive load, relay contact bounce, etc) usually interferes with other electrical and electronic equipment in the same circuit. This type of interference is characterized by high amplitude, short rise time, high repetition rate and low energy. Pulse generators are used for evaluating the performance of electrical and electronic equipment power supply port, signal, control and grounding ports when subjected to electrical fast transient burst interference.
    EFT generator  EFT61004TA is designed for EFT immunity test requirement. The test is intended to demonstrate the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to types of transient disturbances such as those originating from switching transients (interruption of inductive loads, relay contact bounce, etc.).The instrument meets the latest standard IEC61000-4-4 ,with high reliability, stable performance, user-friendly design and many other features.