• AC DC Magnetic Particle Yoke Flaw Detector

    AC DC Magnetic Particle Yoke Flaw Detector has AC, DC, AC and DC dual-purpose magnetic particle flaw detector. The DC power supply is rechargeable battery, which is suitable for field operation without power supply and high-voltage inaccessible containers, bridges, pipelines and other field operations. The continuous working time of one charging can reach more than 6 hours. The AC power supply adopts ~ 220 V power supply for direct input without other instruments. It is easy to operate, simple, light weight and easy to carry.

  • Asphalt Bitumen Non-nuclear Electronic Density Gauge (EDG)

    The EDG-2A non-nuclear asphalt density tester can quickly detect areas where road surface segregation, low density, and unevenness occur. The use of electromagnetic induction technology instead of nuclear source radiation method, low cost, high security, users do not have to worry about cumbersome environmental assessment applications, time-consuming training, and strict transportation control. The calibration is simple, the precision is high, the repeatability is good, the touch screen operation, the user can complete the relevant operation training in a short time, and master the technology of on-site quality inspection.

  • Asphalt Bitumen Thin Film Rotation Oven

    Asphalt Bitumen Thin Film Rotation Oven/Rotating Bituminous Membrane Drying Oven  for Simulates the aging that occurs during the production of hot-mix asphalt mixtures and is used to determine the aging asphalt samples in the test.

  • Asphalt Paraffin Oil Open Cup Cleveland Flash Point Tester

    Laboratory Asphalt Paraffin Oil Open Cup Cleveland Flash Point Tester   Used for determining the fl ash and fi re point of petroleum products. It consists of a brass cup mounted on an electric heater with temperature controller. Conforming with the CE European directive, is supplied complete with double linefuse, hot plate control system and thermometer -6 +400°C.

  • Asphalt Saybolt Viscometers Comply ASTM D88

  • Asphalt/Bitumen Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density Tester Meter

    Asphalt/Bitumen Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density Tester Meter    for Asphalt Mixture is suitable for the vacuum method to determine the theoretical maximum relative density of asphalt mixture. It is used for asphalt mixture design, road condition investigation or road construction quality management to calculate void ratio and compaction.

  • ASTM C497 1000KN Hydraulic Servo Control Concrete Cement Pipe Compression Testing Machine

    ASTM C497 1000KN Hydraulic Servo Control Concrete Cement Pipe Compression Testing Machine used to test the external load crushing strength test of concrete pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, etc. It is computer controlled, hydraulic servo type compression testing machine.

  • ASTM D133 Low Temperature Bitumen Asphalt Ductility Elongation Tester

    Low Temperature Bitumen Asphalt  Ductility Elongation Tester   is suitable for measuring the elongation of various specifications and models of asphalt and liquid asphalt residues after distillation and asphalt emulsion evaporation residues. It is widely used in production, road construction and scientific research departments, and is more suitable for the test of modified asphalt

  • ASTM D2171 Asphalt Bitumen Dynamic Viscosity Tester

    It is used to determine the dynamic viscosity of sticky petroleum asphalts by vacuum capillary viscometer.It is also suitable to determine other materials which viscosity range is 0.0036~20.000Pa.s.

  • ASTM D2863 Plastic Rubber and Textile Oxygen Index Tester

    ASTM D2863 Plastic Rubber and Textile Oxygen Index Tester used for evaluation of the combustion performance of the polymer under specified test conditions, the determination of polymer just maintain minimum volume percentage of

    oxygen concentrations of combustion.Suitable for polyurethane materials, flame retardant

    wood, plastic, rubber, fiber, plastic foam, heat preservation material, film, artificial leather and

    film, and the combustion performance of textile materials such as determination.And can be

    used in building materials B1, B2 level performance measurement.

  • ASTM D4061 Traffic Road Retro Reflectometer

    Digital Traffic Road Retro Reflectometer for Marking Line and Vertical Sign is a professional measuring instrument used to measure the reflectivity of road markings. The measured parameters are the retroreflective coefficient R’or the specific brightness of the marking line in mcd. lx-1. m-2. The instrument is simple to operate and reliable in measurement. It can be used not only in laboratory environment, but also in field measurement. It is an optimum instrument for measuring the reverse reflection performance of pavement markings, such as production, quality supervision, engineering construction and supervision units.

  • ASTM D5, AASHTO T49 Asphalt Bitumen Needle Penetration Meter

    Intelligent Digital Asphalt Bitumen Needle Penetration Meter   is mainly used for the penetration of viscous road petroleum asphalt, liquid petroleum, asphalt and asphalt materials after distillation or emulsification tests.