How To Measure The Pet (Polyester) Glass Transition Temperature?

In order to study the quality and characteristics of materials, many industries use differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) to test the glass transition temperature of materials, especially the glass transition temperature of PET (polyester), which is also a relatively common measurement.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter 1

Differential Scanning Calorimeter 

What is glass transition temperature? Glass transition temperature (Tg) refers to the temperature corresponding to the transition from glassy state to high elastic state. Glass transition is an inherent property of amorphous polymer materials and a macroscopic manifestation of the transition of polymer motion, which directly affects the performance and process performance of materials. So, how to measure the glass transition temperature of pet(polyester)?

  1. Turn on the power of the differential scanning calorimeter to ensure that it can be tested normally.


  1. Turn on the computer connected to the instrument, start the test software, and ensure that the software can analyze and run normally.


  1. After the instrument completes the preheating work, use the crucible to load the sample, then put it into the furnace body, and close the lid.


  1. Open the software and set the test conditions such as the temperature and heating rate required for the experiment, and then click to start.


  1. After the experiment is over, analyze the data of the test spectrum to obtain the pet glass transition temperature data.


The important instrument for testing the glass transition temperature of pet is the differential scanning calorimeter. As a thermal analysis instrument, its main function is to measure the relationship between temperature and heat flow related to the internal thermal transition of the material. As a manufacturer of differential scanning calorimeter, UPWELL has a variety of DSC instrument models on sale, as well as high-temperature models and low-temperature models. According to different material testing requirements, it can match the corresponding instruments.



PET glass transition temperature can use differential scanning calorimeter DSC , this DSC instrument has high sensitivity, imported chips, fast data collection and measurement, high accuracy, and integrated model design, better convenience Handling and storage, at the same time, the brand-new furnace body design has high heat preservation, and the color touch screen display makes the operation more convenient.


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