Fabric martindale abrasion wear tester is a kind of instrument used to measure the friction coefficient of fabric surface, which is widely used in textile, clothing, footwear and other industries. In order to ensure the accuracy and service life of the instrument, it is very important to carry out regular maintenance. This article will introduce the maintenance method of the martindale abrasion wear tester in detail to help everyone better use and maintain this equipment.

Martindale Fabric Abrasion Tester

Frist ,Daily maintenance


  1. Cleaning: After each use, the surface of the instrument should be wiped with a clean soft cloth to keep it clean. For the internal cleaning of the instrument, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean, but be careful not to damage the parts inside the instrument.


  1. Lubrication: In the process of use, due to friction will produce wear, so it is necessary to regularly lubricate key parts. Special lubricating oil or grease can be used for lubrication to reduce wear and extend the service life of the martindale abrasion wear tester.


  1. Check: Regularly check the various parts of the instrument, such as bearings, gears, etc., to see if there is wear, loosening and other phenomena. If the problem is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.


Second, Regular maintenance


  1. Calibration: In order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, it should be calibrated regularly. When calibrating, you can use the standard sample for testing, compare the test results with the standard value, if there is a deviation, should be adjusted in time.


  1. Parts replacement: In the process of use, some parts will fail due to wear and tear, and need to be replaced regularly. Such as bearings, gears, etc., once found to be worn or damaged, new parts should be replaced in time.


  1. Electrical system inspection: The electrical system includes motors, sensors, etc., and its working status should be checked regularly. If any abnormality is found, repair or replace it in time.


  1. Software update: With the development of technology, the software of the fabric grinding machine will be constantly updated. In order to ensure the performance and accuracy of the instrument, the software should be updated regularly.


Third, Precautions


  1. When in use, the operating procedures should be followed to avoid unnecessary damage to the martindale abrasion wear tester.


  1. In the maintenance, should pay attention to safety, to avoid electric shock, scratches and other accidents.


  1. When replacing parts, the specifications and models of the same or similar to the original parts should be selected to ensure the performance and accuracy of themartindale abrasion wear tester.


  1. When calibrating the instrument, standard samples should be used for testing to ensure the accuracy of the test results.


  1. When the software is updated, it should be downloaded and installed through regular channels to avoid instrument failure or data loss caused by the installation of malicious software.



As a kind of precision measuring equipment, it is very necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the martindale abrasion wear tester. By doing daily maintenance, regular maintenance and compliance with precautions, the accuracy and service life of the instrument can be effectively guaranteed, saving costs for enterprises and improving production efficiency.



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