What Tests Can The Fabric Air Permeability Tester Be Used For?

The fabric air permeability tester is an instrument used for air permeability testing. The gas permeability test we often refer to refers to the detection of specific gas permeability of materials with certain gas barrier properties. Most of these materials are polymers or multi-layer composite materials made of polymers, and are widely used in product packaging in food, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, military industry and other fields. Among them, materials with excellent barrier properties (low gas permeability) can be used for packaging of goods sensitive to oxygen and water vapor. They have been the focus of the development of the plastic packaging industry in recent years, and are also the development of new packaging such as inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, and aseptic packaging. Foundation.

Fabric Air Permeability Tester

Fabric Air Permeability Tester

This product adjusts the pressure difference set by feedback, uses a high-precision electronic pressure sensor to measure the pressure difference on both sides of the sample, and transmits it to the computer to calculate the air permeability and air permeability. The processed data is measured one by one by a highly sensitive electronic flow meter and read into the computer. memory to ensure instrument testing accuracy. Using a microcomputer control system, digital feedback adjusts the air suction volume, automatically tracks, measures and displays the pressure difference at each point. It has high stability and reproducibility. The test data is directly displayed on the high-definition display screen. The instrument also automatically converts the air permeability, which greatly improves Test efficiency.


The fabric air permeability tester is used to test the air permeability of materials with low air permeability under a certain pressure. It is used in products that require gas flow, such as acoustic membrane materials, waterproof breathable membranes, tuning paper, trace membranes, and medical membranes. , packaging films and other types of low air permeability materials. The scope of application is as follows:


(1) Suitable for testing air permeability and air resistance of automotive interior parts materials, such as polyurethane, PVC, leather, textiles, non-woven fabrics, etc.


(2) Suitable for air permeability testing of polymer porous elastic materials, such as sponges.


(3) Suitable for air permeability testing of textile materials, such as cloth, non-woven fabrics, etc.


(4) Suitable for air permeability testing of leather materials.


(5) It can also be extended to the air permeability test of paper materials, such as daily paper, roll paper, etc.


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