What Is The Oxidation Induction Tester (OIT)

The oxidation induction tester is an important tool for evaluating the oxidation resistance of materials. In many fields, such as the food industry, plastics manufacturing and materials science, understanding the antioxidant properties of materials is critical to product quality and longevity.


This tester is based on the oxidation process of materials and evaluates the stability of materials in high temperature, high pressure and oxygen environments by simulating accelerated oxidation conditions. It measures when a material begins to oxidize within a certain period of time, which is called the oxidation induction time (OIT). A longer OIT indicates that the material has better antioxidant properties.


​It works by placing the sample in a high temperature environment and providing oxygen around the sample. The oxidation induction time is then determined by measuring the oxidative heat release generated by the sample. Typically, the instrument makes measurements using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) or thermal flow analysis (TGA).

Differential Scanning Calorimeter 1

Oxidation induction tester


Oxidation induction testers are widely used. In the food industry, it is used to evaluate the stability and oxidation resistance of food oils to determine their suitability and shelf life. In plastics manufacturing, the tester can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of antioxidant additives in polymers and the rate of oxidative degradation of materials. In materials science, it helps researchers understand the stability and longevity of materials under different environmental conditions.


By using this tester, researchers and engineers can select materials suitable for their application needs and improve the materials’ oxidation resistance. This helps improve product quality, extend product life and reduce losses due to oxidation.


Testers play an important role in many fields, helping people understand the stability and life of materials, and providing support for product design and development. As technology continues to evolve, oxidation induction testers will continue to play a key role in materials science and industrial applications.


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