Laboratory Open Mill Rubber Mixing Machine

Laboratory Open Mill Rubber Mixing Machine

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Laboratory Open Mill Rubber Mixing Machine Used in the production of chemical raw materials, rubber, silica gel, etc., as well as polymer blending, mixing of pigments, stabilizers, stabilizers, etc., color matching, mixing of raw rubber and compounding agents, or rubber hot mixing and rubber tableting.


  1. Construction聽of聽mill聽rolls:聽drilled聽roll,聽bored聽roll,聽grooved聽roll
  2. We聽can聽design聽speed聽ratio聽as聽per聽customers’聽formula聽and聽processing聽requirements.
  3. Frame,聽frame聽cap聽and聽base聽are聽welded聽and聽treated聽by聽annealing聽for聽stress聽relieving.
  4. Rolls聽material聽is聽chilled聽cast聽alloy聽iron聽which聽hardness聽is聽reach聽to聽70HB.聽
  5. Brake聽and聽emergency聽stop聽device聽can聽ensure聽the聽safety聽of聽personnel聽and聽equipment.
  6. Auto聽feeding聽oil聽or聽grease聽lubrication,聽it聽is聽easy聽to聽maintain聽and聽protect聽machine.
  7. Human聽nature聽designed聽controlling聽system聽ensure聽labor聽safety.
  8. Methods聽of聽adjusting聽roll聽nip:聽manual聽or聽electric



  • Mixing capacity: 2-60g
  • Drum temperature: normal temperature ~ 300鈩
  • Heating method: electric heating (new process design, electric heating of open mill drum, automatic constant temperature)
  • Temperature accuracy: 卤2鈩 (The thermostat adopts a high-precision PID intelligent microcomputer control system, with an internal constant automatic calculation function, which is more accurate than manual setting and saves time. It has an over-temperature function to protect machinery and production materials)
  • Drum speed: 0-19 rpm adjustable
  • Roller speed ratio: 1:1.25 (speed ratio can be customized according to customer needs)
  • Roller size: 褎76mm脳L 300mm (high hardness surface hard chrome plating, no sticking, no delamination)
  • Roller spacing: 0.1~5mm adjustableProtection device: Multiple touch-type emergency stops (with reverse function, humanized design, no work-related injuries to operators)
  • Motor: 0.3KW 1 set (new process design, mechanical structure adjustment, the output torque is as large as the traditional process mechanical transmission 1KW, achieving the purpose of energy saving)
  • Power: 1KW
  • Volume: (W脳D脳H) 1100脳400脳1180mm. The volume is smaller than that of traditional processes with the same functions.
  • Roller lubrication: The excellent wear-resistant bearing contact area and traditional copper sleeve extend the service life by 2/3.
  • Mechanical structure: steel plate (lighter weight, smaller volume, higher mechanical strength and better toughness than traditional cast iron)
  • Power supply 5鈭, AC380
  • Weight: about 160kg

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