Protective Material Fabric Impact Testing Machine Comply BS EN1621

Protective Material Fabric Impact Testing Machine Comply BS EN1621

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Protective Material Fabric Impact Testing Machine is a special equipment for testing protective materials, which can meet the impact test items required in the standard;
The high-precision piezoelectric ceramic load cell used in the military industry has extremely high resolution, fast response speed, and good repeatability. It is controlled by a computer, and the whole process of the test is controlled by computer software. The impact force value is automatically recorded and the average value is automatically calculated. Impact value, and can print the test report. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance and high reliability.


Applicable standards: BS EN1621-1, BS EN1621-2


1. Computer software Windows聽
2. Function: Computer controls the test process, automatically displays, processes, saves test data, and prints test reports.
3. Two sets of impact cutting boards: one set conforming to 1621-1 standard and one set conforming to 1621-2 standard.
4. Impact method: guided drop
5. Measuring force range: 0-60000N
6. Force sensor: precision piezoelectric
7. Frequency response range: 5鈥1000Hz
8. Lifting device: electric lifting, and has upper and lower limit
9. Volume: length 650mm脳width 770mm脳height 2200mm
10. Host power supply: AC 220V卤10%, 50Hz; 100W

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