Bekk Smoothness Tester Comply ISO5627

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Bekk Smoothness Tester聽 is a special instrument for measuring the smoothness of paper and cardboard, suitable for all kinds of paper and cardboard. According to the level of sample smoothness, it can be divided into three levels, which can quickly and accurately measure various samples.

Standards compliant:
ISO 5627聽

鈼哢sing high-precision pressure sensor and oil-free vacuum pump imported from the United States. Low noise and high precision.
鈼 Imported solenoid valves and stainless steel vacuum containers are used to ensure the sealing performance of the instrument and make the test results more accurate and stable.
鈼 Chinese display on the touch screen, friendly man-machine interface operation, automatic completion of the test, with test data statistical processing function, miniature printer output.
鈼 According to the level of smoothness, there are three levels to make the test faster and more accurate

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range: (1-9999)s
Timing accuracy: timing 1000s, the error is not more than 卤1s
Vacuum volume: large vacuum container: (380卤1)ml
Small vacuum container: (38卤1)ml
Contact pressure: (100卤2) kPa
Pressure (vacuum degree) accuracy: 卤0.07kPa
Approx weight: 37kg
Dimensions: 300脳370脳420mm
Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz


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