Dichloromethane Tester Comply ISO 9852

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Product introduction
Dichloromethane Tester聽 is used for methylene chloride immersion test on plastic pipes, pipe fittings, sheets, etc. Widely used in pipe fittings and sheet production plants, construction quality inspection institutes and research departments.


ISO/DIS9852: Dichloromethane immersion test method for rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes.

The main components of the product:

聽Consists of constant temperature water bath, stainless steel container, sample fine-pore filter, temperature control and timing system, etc.

Technical Parameter:

  1. Specifications of stainless steel container: diameter 350 mm, height 280 mm
  2. Dichloromethane constant temperature: 20卤0.5鈩
  3. Instrument temperature control range: 10-50掳C
  4. Instrument temperature control accuracy: 卤0.2掳C
  5. Instrument display accuracy: 0.1掳C
  6. Timer range: 0—99 minutes
  7. Timer accuracy: 1 second
  8. Bath size: 400X360X340mm
  9. Sample groove size: 桅160*height 150mm

Sample standard:

聽 The sample interception length is at least 100mm

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