Insulator Tension and Flexure-Torsion Testing Machine

Insulator Tension and Flexure-Torsion Testing Machine

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Insulator Tension and Flexure-Torsion Testing Machine can also be used for post insulators, pin insulators, line post insulators, porcelain cross-arm insulators, butterfly insulators, bobbin insulators, and rod-shaped porcelain insulators for bending damage load tests, bending load tests one by one, and under load. Bending load mechanical performance test such as deflection test



  1. Computer + Software聽control and聽display 6 kinds test curves: Force-displacement, force-deformation,stress-displacement,stress-deformation,force-time,displacement-time


  1. Can be installed聽extensometer聽to test聽deformation of rubber or metal material


  1. Can do high temperature test by聽high temperature oven and furnace


  1. Can be installed all kinds of test fixtures,聽manual / hydraulic / pneumatic fixtures


  1. Can聽be customized聽height, width,聽and follow聽any test standard or customer request


  1. Also have Digital Display Type.


  1. 50kN Digital Power Insulator Tension and Flexure-Torsion Test UTM Universal Testing Machine


Technical Parameters

Max. load force5KN 10KN 20KN30KN 50KN100KN200KN 300KN500KN 600KN
Crosshead Travel(mm)1000
Effective tensile space (mm)700600
Effective Test width (mm)400450500600650
Crossbeam travel speed(mm/min)0.001-10000.001-5000.001-5000.001-3000.001-300
Load accuracyClass 1 (class 0.5 optional)
Load range1%-100%FS (0.4%-100%FS optional)
Load resolution1/300000
Round specimen clamping range(mm)4-9 锛9-14锛14-21聽optional锛
Flat specimen clamping range(mm)0-7 锛7-14锛14-21聽optional锛
Tensile gripManual Wedge Fixture 锛圚ydraulic聽Automatic聽Clamping聽Fixture聽Optional锛
Compression Plate(mm)桅100×100 mm
Electronic Extensometer for metal materialYUU10/50 (optional)
Large deformation extensometer for rubber800 mm (optional)


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